Customer Stories

Learn why security and operations teams love Ubyon for secure access management for users and workloads.

Navigating the 5G Edge: Overcoming Challenges in Access Management

  • Providing privileged access to workloads
  • Implementing self-serve least-privileged access
  • Streamlining infrastructure management

“Ubyon enabled us to extend our operations to multiple edge locations, all while effortlessly implementing a stringent least-privilege access policy for our critical cloud and on-premises resources.”

Ravi Mulam, Cofounder.

A Fortune 500 Company's Journey to Passwordless Access

  • Crafting seamless passwordless access
  • Supporting multiple developer platforms
  • Going agentless

“The adoption of Ubyon made passwordless access a reality across our development environment. The ease of deployment and administration, coupled with its effortless scaling, transformed our access management paradigm.”

Director of IT.

Navigating the Post-Pandemic Workplace

  • Simplifying remote access
  • Deep visibility for security and operations
  • Embracing identity-centric access management

“Ubyon’s innovative access solution helped us adopt a modern access management platform that helped us reduce cost, improve productivity, and enhance our access security.”

Selva Kumar, Head of IT.