Proactive CIEM

Secure access to your clouds and apps

Visualize access from a single, interactive interface across all your clouds and data platforms. Instantly see who can access which resources and gain clear insights into access trends. Right-size access and swiftly remediate risks to maintain robust security and compliance.

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Unified Cloud-Based Solution

Beyond Cloud: Holistic Visibility

Visualize and managed all resources, on-premises, cloud - AWS, GCP, and Azure, and data platforms - Snowflake and Databricks. Ensure no resource is overlooked. Manage access with consistent policies.

Comprehensive visibility of all access

Indentify Access Trends Instantly

Gain a comprehensive view of all access paths from users or workloads to target apps and resources with Ubyon. Effortlessly search and filter down to specific users, resources, or entitlements. Leverage historical data to analyze trends, identifying and addressing risks proactively.

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Risk Assessment Made Easy

Spot access risks instantly. Detect long-standing access, orphaned accounts, and unauthorized access. Address vulnerabilities quickly.

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Instant Access Remediation

Remediate access issues with a single click. Simplify access management. Enhance efficiency in resolving access risks.

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Adopt Least Privilege Access

Confidently adopt least privilege access. Streamline Just-in-Time and birthright entitlements with automated workflows. Strengthen your security posture effortlessly.

What our customers say

Fortute 500

The adoption of Ubyon made passwordless access a reality across our development environment. The ease of deployment and administration, coupled with its effortless scaling, transformed our access management paradigm.

Director of IT

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