AI Copilot

Scale access with Ubyon's AI CoPilot

Get approval recommendations, navigate access surfaces, uncover identity risks, and swiftly remediate—your AI partner for secure access management.

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Streamlined Access Reviews with AI

Lighten the load on approvers with CoPilot's insightful recommendations. Empower your reviewers with clear, actionable insights, enabling them to make swift, informed decisions confidently and effectively, reducing time and effort.

Resource-centric policies

Identify and Remediate Access Risks

Use CoPilot to uncover identity risks. Gain insights into usage patterns, access risks, and anomalies. Visualize these risks with an intuitive access graph, making risk management proactive and effective.

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Engage with Ubyon’s CoPilot

Interact seamlessly with CoPilot. Simply ask questions, navigate to different product areas for in-depth analysis, and take decisive action effortlessly to enhance your workflows.

Easy to get started

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