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Modern privileged access

Secure on-prem and cloud infrastructure

Protect your sensitive resources with just-in-time access, ephemeral credentials, deep visibility, and automated compliance.

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Unified Cloud-Based Solution

Comprehensive Coverage across Clouds and On-premises

Secure all resources, both on-premises and in the cloud. With a single solution, manage access to cloud-native infrastructure, including AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, and Databricks, and self-hosted infrastructure, such as MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, SSH, Kubernetes, RDP, and VNC.

ULink acces to data resources

Effortless Deployment and Usability

No compromises between productivity and security. Easily access machines, clusters, and databases. No retraining is needed. Your developers will love the automation and simplicity.

could and on-prem

Gain Detailed Visibility

With session-level logging for sensitive resources, obtain comprehensive visibility into all access and permissions. Quickly identify and remediate risks associated with unauthorized access, long-standing access, and orphaned resources. Stay compliant and informed with minimal effort.

List of policies

Policy-driven Access Controls

Implement just-in-time access that limits the aperture of access and permission. Provide long-standing access for limited users and temporary access for the rest. Enable conditional access and posture checks.

Policy with on-call integration

Streamline Production Access

Integrated with your on-call and ticketing system to define pre-approval conditions for access to sensitive environments.

What our customers say

Fortute 500

The adoption of Ubyon made passwordless access a reality across our development environment. The ease of deployment and administration, coupled with its effortless scaling, transformed our access management paradigm.

Director of IT

Easy to get started

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