Identity-first access
for the modern workforce

Simplify access and entitlements, mitigate risks, and prevent breaches.

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Securing the identity perimeter

Ubyon is a comprehensive platform protecting attack surfaces across cloud, PaaS/SaaS, and on-premise, normalizing identities between users and workloads, scaling just-in-time access, and automating access reviews.

Ubyon platform
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Scale Just-in-Time access

Ubyon goes beyond traditional JIT by dynamically right-sizing access, enabling self-serve administration, and automatically vending ephemeral credentials.

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Services and Launchpad

Visualize and remediate identity risks

Search across all access paths to see which users and workloads have access to what data, apps, and resources. Visualize access risks and promptly remediate them.

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Services and Launchpad

Secure access to all resources for both users and workloads

Simplify access management to Cloud, PaaS, SaaS, and on-premises resources. Enable least-privilege access with streamlined workflows for both users and non-human workloads.

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Audit logs, SSH commands, advanced command search, access reviews

Automate access reviews with contextual insights

Move away from managing spreadsheets or piecing together siloed audits. Achieve faster compliance with automated access reviews and insights. Gain operational clarity and audit trails for efficient oversight.

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Built for the modern enterprise

Ubyon is architected from the ground up to offer an enterprise-grade cloud-native secure infrastructure.

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  • Flexible

    We offer flexible SaaS or self-hosted options that best serve your needs.

  • Agentless

    Our agentless solutions are easy to deploy without sacrificing security.

  • Agile

    Deploy in minutes and take advantage of built-in automation to rapidly scale.

  • TrustGate

    Secure by design

    With SOC 2 Type 2 certification, security is our top priority.

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