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Connect and secure your infrastructure and services.

Easily link everything with TrustMesh, Ubyon’s identity-first fabric. Because securing infrastructure shouldn’t be complex, expensive, and risky.

Why Ubyon

Your challenge

Unpredictable costs, poor agility, appliance sprawl, and scant security posture

Paint point one

App teams constantly add services to their cloud infrastructure

Paint point two

Secure networking fails to keep pace with constant change.

Paint point three

Supporting all locations, endpoint, and clouds becomes too complex.


Secure connectivity that is easy, fast, and scales across multiple cloud environments

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Discover and map all your cloud resources.

Automatic label

Apply identity-based authorization to everything.

connection links

Connect securely and instantly across all clouds.

Monitor traffic

Monitor and audit all transactions.

TrustMesh enables your networks to keep pace with your apps.

TrustMesh is cloud-native networking that provides secure access between all your endpoints regardless of location or access method.

TrustMesh diagram
Mesh disparate environments with ease

Each cloud is bespoke. Considerable complexity is incurred to manage hybrid environments.

Automate cloud operations

Automation at the network level often fails. It is required at a higher level of abstraction.

Operationalize zero-trust networking

Operating zero-trust networks cannot be manual. Enforcement should be just-in-time and at machine time.

Address Complexity and Cost

One-off access solutions do not scale. Solutions are not ”cloud aware” to reduce costs.

Application networking made easy

TrustMesh combines core capabilities such as TLS, NAT, service routing, identity bridging and dynamic authorization to give you fast and secure connections.


Give developers SSO access to servers across multiple clouds while avoiding VPNs, jump hosts, or Bastian servers.

Your teampayroll.ec2payroll.s3VPN gatewayJump hostml.azuregrafanaJump hostWeb serverTableauJump hostMySQLJenkinsJump host

Developers have access to all their clusters and have SSO access that honors Kubernetes RBAC policies.

Your teamstaging-1prod-1prod-2prod-3staging-2staging-1prod-1prod-2prod-3staging-2Bastion serverJump hostVPN gateway
SaaSify everything

Provide identity-asserted web access to apps with the touch of a button.

Your teamGrafanaPrometheusSentryVPN gatewayAppliances

Easy to get started

Request a demo and learn how we can help you with your application and infrastructure networking needs.