Identity-first access
for all cloud resources

Ubyon is the most comprehensive solution for streamlining access, approvals, and audits for resources across public and hybrid cloud environments.

Enable self-service workflows for faster access

Ubyon’s just-in-time workflows streamlines access approvals and eliminates manual ticket handling.

  • Reduce risk with fine-grained resource permissions.
  • Minimize leaked credentials with short-lived, auto-expiring access.
  • Scale operations by delegating access approvals to resource owners.
  • Boost productivity with Slack and Microsoft Teams integration.
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Comprehensive coverage across all resources

Ubyon unifies access to public, private, and multi-cloud resources.

  • Federate temporary access for AWS, Azure, and GCP resources.
  • Secure access to all Linux or Windows servers across heterogeneous environments.
  • Simplify credential management with Ubyon's secretless and passwordless approach.
  • Eliminate bastions and gain visibility to machines, clusters, and data sources.

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Built for the enterprise and the cloud

Ubyon is architected ground up to offer an enterprise-grade cloud-native infrastructure that is robust and secure.

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  • Flexible

    We offer SaaS and self-hosted options for rapid deployment or more control.

  • Agentless

    Our agentless solutions are easy to deploy without sacrificing security.

  • Unified access

    We give you a single, unified solution to secure access for both users and workloads.

  • TrustGate

    Secure by design

    Security is our priority. We encrypt at rest and keep persistent credentials secure.

Operational visibility and audits for compliance

Ubyon monitors all user and workload activity.

  • Full session recording of protocol-level details for forensics and compliance audits.
  • Quickly identify high risk activities and search for specific commands.
  • Review all requests and approvals to meet compliance requirements.
Audit logs, SSH commands, advanced command search, access reviews

Easy to get started

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