Customer Stories: Celona

Navigating the 5G Edge: Overcoming Challenges in Access Management

“Ubyon enabled us to extend our operations to multiple edge locations, all while effortlessly implementing a stringent least-privilege access policy for our critical cloud and on-premises resources.”

Ravi Mulam, Cofounder.

A Leader in 5G network solutions

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Celona is credited with developing the industry’s fully turnkey private 5G network solution for the enterprise. By leveraging the new shared cellular spectrum being made available worldwide, Celona’s 5G LAN system, for the first time, allows companies to own and operate their private mobile network infrastructure. With Celona’s unique turnkey solution, enterprises and mobile network operators can embed a connectivity thread through the value chain to address the growing demands for more deterministic wireless connectivity and vital use cases not met by conventional wireless alternatives.

To deliver seamless 5G solutions for their customers, Celona embarked on a journey to adopt identity-first access management. They started with an open-source privileged access management solution for multiple 5G edge locations.

Initially, the deployment seemed promising, but challenges quickly emerged. Operationalizing a support model that catered to diverse partners and customers proved to be elusive. Balancing security and convenience became paramount, especially when extending support for workloads like Jenkins jobs that required access to privileged resources. To streamline and democratize access management, the team wanted to adopt Slack-based workflows, allowing users to request access easily and to decentralize approval administration. Ultimately, this led to searching for a converged access management solution to address these challenges.

Ubyon: Streamlining Support Operations for Edge Platforms

When evaluating multiple solutions, the question arose: Why choose Ubyon? The answer became clear as a company sought an efficient way to manage access, governance, and support across a diverse set of users and partner organizations while navigating the complexities of managing access to 5G edge platforms.

Ubyon’s allure lay in its “as-a-service” approach, offering the promise of streamlined operations without the burdens of infrastructure management. The solution freed up resources for innovation rather than maintenance.
Ravi Mulam, Cofounder

What set Ubyon apart was its remarkable ability to seamlessly integrate with multiple Identity Providers and Celona’s ITSM stack to define rich policies and governance workflows. This capability opened the doors to scaling support operations across many partner organizations with unique needs and structures.

In choosing Ubyon, the company found an agile and versatile solution that met their needs on multiple fronts: from streamlined infrastructure management to seamless integration with IdP systems, lightweight deployment on edge platforms, and robust support for critical workloads accessing privileged resources. Ubyon's power lies in its ability to adapt, enabling the company to stay ahead in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

Transformation with Ubyon: A Success Story

When it comes to successful technology implementations, finding the right partner is often the key to success. “From the outset, Ubyon proved to be an enthusiastic partner, eager to understand our company's unique challenges. Their close collaboration and keen comprehension of the problems at hand set the stage for a fruitful partnership.”, says Ravi.

At the heart of Ubyon’s appeal was its lightweight Link Connector. Designed for edge and cloud environments, it perfectly fit our deployment needs, ensuring that the solution didn't weigh down our edge infrastructure.
Ravi Mulam, Cofounder

The initial implementation and rollout of Ubyon's solution were remarkably swift, taking only five weeks. This enabled the company to scale the system across all their edge locations rapidly. One of Ubyon's standout features was its robust policy framework, seamlessly extending to both Edge and Cloud environments. This versatility allowed for uniform access governance, whether it was users or workloads, ensuring secure connections to privileged resources across the board.

Another game-changer was Ubyon's Just-In-Time (JIT) workflows with Slack integration. These workflows enabled the company to operationalize self-serve least-privileged access, a critical aspect of securing its edge infrastructure. With Ubyon, they could grant access precisely when needed, minimizing potential risks. The decentralized administration of approvals allowed the teams to manage access requests efficiently by avoiding manual approvals or cumbersome ticketing workflows. As all requests, approvals, and access are tracked and reported, all access was compliant from the get-go.

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