Customer Stories: Laminaar

Navigating the Post-Pandemic Workplace

“Ubyon's innovative access solution helped us adopt a modern access management platform that helped us reduce cost, improve productivity, and enhance our access security.”

Selva Kumar, Head of IT.

An Innovator in Aviation Technology

Laminaar Infotech is an innovator in the aviation industry, Laminaar designs and develops application software solutions for airlines, cargo operators, business aviation companies, airports, MROs, and defense and aviation training facilities. Laminaar products are available as a suite of services covering the entire spectrum of operations or as a stand-alone sub-system addressing a single functional area.

The post-pandemic era ushered in a new era of work, marked by the urgent need for remote accessibility. For Laminaar, a company with a growing multi-cloud hybrid environment encompassing AWS, Azure, and data centers, this transition posed challenges and opportunities. The primary driver for this shift was the desire to reduce costs and improve productivity. However, they faced a significant hurdle: a substantial group of users struggled with remote access to their Windows desktops. Traditional methods simply couldn't meet their evolving needs.

Laminaar recognized the necessity of a modern access management platform that would seamlessly integrate across their multi-cloud ecosystem. The goal was to break free from the limitations of traditional VPNs and embrace identity-centric access controls. They sought a solution to empower users to access their Windows desktops directly from their web browsers, streamlining the remote work experience.

Selva shared, “Security was paramount in this endeavor. We needed a solution that could provide remote access and ensure data protection”. This added layer of security made it easier to extend access to support functions, ensuring that sensitive information remained safeguarded.

Ubyon: Simplifying Remote Access with Security and Ease

The quest for a lightweight and user-friendly solution led Laminaar to explore a seamless remote access solution that could be effortlessly deployed and managed. Ubyon quickly emerged as a frontrunner, and their trial experience validated this choice.

“The trial period with Ubyon was remarkably smooth. The Ubyon team, acting as true partners, collaborated closely with us to scale the solution to cover all our Windows machines. This collaborative approach was instrumental in ensuring a successful implementation.”
Selva Kumar, Head of IT

One of the standout features of Ubyon was its simplicity. Unlike traditional solutions that required the deployment of software agents, Ubyon eliminated this hassle. Rolling out the solution to hundreds of users was a breeze. The newfound freedom truly delighted users – they could now access their Windows desktops from their personal devices, unshackling them from corporate machines and physical locations.

Security was a top priority, and Ubyon didn't disappoint. Security administrators could ensure data protection and gain detailed visibility into all user accesses. This granular insight allowed them to discern access patterns and identify potential risks promptly.

A successful trial and deployment with Ubyon

Laminaar’s journey towards a successful implementation of Ubyon was marked by efficiency and collaboration. Selva shared, “From the onset, Ubyon’s platform proved its mettle, and due to the overwhelming demand for this innovative solution, our team swiftly scaled the deployment during the trial phase. We seamlessly integrated Ubyon with hundreds of Windows servers and users in a week. This rapid scalability was a testament to the solution's robustness and versatility.”

The initial implementation and rollout phase took four weeks, a testament to the ease of working with Ubyon. Once the foundation was laid, the real advantage of Ubyon's solution flexibility became evident. The solution seamlessly integrated into more complex environments, spanning data centers and cloud infrastructure.

In essence, through a combination of lightweight deployment, user-friendly accessibility, and robust security features, Ubyon simplified remote access needs and empowered users, granting them the flexibility to work from anywhere while improving security oversight and operations. “Ubyon's innovative access solution helped us adopt a modern access management platform that helped us reduce cost, improve productivity, and enhance our access security,” shared Selva. Ubyon had become a key enabler in Laminaar's journey towards a more agile and secure work environment.

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