Access Reviews

Make audits a breeze

Speed-up access reviews with audit-ready reports. Perform quarterly access reviews for compliance. Ubyon offers all this with a friendly user experience.

Define resource-centric policies

Discover your resources and automatically implement fine-grained access for your resource groups.

Resource-centric policies

Speedup compliance with deep visibility

Give your information security teams robust reporting and monitoring tools to view command-level visibility for any session, user, approver, or resource.

Slack request window

Single source for all access data

Gain visibility into access requests, approvals, and grants, along with comprehensive insights into session operations and commands. Empower managers to conduct user-friendly quarterly access reviews.

Access history pane

Generate reports to drive compliance

Create audit-ready reports for SOC, ISO, and SOX audits, showcasing approval/rejection along with evidentiary details.

Access review reports window

Easy to get started

Request a demo and learn how we can help you with secure, identity-first access for users, workloads, and resources.