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Workload IAM

Seamless Access Governance

Managing headless user workloads is critical. Ubyon simplifies access control and governance for workloads. Achieve comprehensive, unified security without deploying proxies or complex PKI dependencies.

Rapid Adoption

Rapid Adoption

No proxies, no hassle. Ubyon integrates smoothly. Easy implementation means quick protection. Provide exceptional visibility and swift protection.

Comprehensive visibility of all access

Comprehensive Coverage

On-premises or cloud, Ubyon has a comprehensive set of pre-built integrations. Secure all resources seamlessly from workloads.

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Unified Governance

Avoid siloed tools. One policy for users and workloads. ITSM and collaboration tools fit right in. Streamline your workflow with Ubyon.

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Automated Reviews

Simplified visual access and risk management. AI copilot for automated access reviews. Stay compliant effortlessly.

What our customers say


Adopting a solution that could expand our operations, reduce identity-related risks, and maintain continuous compliance was crucial for us to meet India's data governance standards.

Director of IT

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