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Application Access

Unified launchpad for all your apps

Employees can view all their applications (public and private) and sensitive resources in one location. Users can browse and launch applications and request and approve access from a single application directory. Simplify workflows, reduce IT overheads, and enhance productivity with quick access to applications and resources.

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Unified Cloud-Based Solution

Streamline Cloud Migration

With the move to the cloud, teams shouldn’t be burdened with siloed tools and disjointed processes. Enable streamlined workflows with a central launchpad “hub” that scales across private and public applications.

All requests on a user's Launchpad

Decentralize and Democratize Access

Enable self-service workflows for users to request access via Slack, Teams, or the web. Decentralize approvals to resource owners and managers, who can approve from anywhere.

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Go Beyond Apps

In addition to applications, view all resources, including roles, groups, databases, machines, and clusters. Users can find and request access for themselves and others.

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Enable access level permissions

Group entitlements are insufficient to provide fine-grained access. Enable fine-grained controls that require users to specify access-level permissions with each resource request. Grant the appropriate permissions and limit exposure.

What our customers say

Fortute 500

The adoption of Ubyon made passwordless access a reality across our development environment. The ease of deployment and administration, coupled with its effortless scaling, transformed our access management paradigm.

Director of IT

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