Unified Access Controls

Consistent, secure, and flexible access management

Ubyon centralizes and standardizes access control across all your target resources, ensuring a consistent and secure approach to authorization. Leverage context-aware policies that give you the flexibility to scale across your environments.

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Centralized Policy Management

Centralize the management of authorization policies, and simplify security measures across the entire organization. Maintain uniform security policies and reduce the chances of discrepancies that lead to security vulnerabilities.

Resource-centric policies

Flexible Approval Workflows

Ubyon’s support for multi-layer approval processes ensures that sensitive data and critical systems are protected by stringent access controls. Handle highly sensitive information, such as financial data or personal health records with the appropriate controls.

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Context-Aware Access

Implementing time, location, and posture based access controls adds an additional layer of security by ensuring that access is granted only under predefined conditions. A context-aware approach is critical in preventing unauthorized access.

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Automation for Efficiency

Automating the approval of low-risk access requests speeds up the process and ensures that IT resources are used efficiently. Automation reduces the workload on IT staff, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks and ensuring that users can quickly gain the access they need to perform their duties.

Easy to get started

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