Product Overview

Centralized access, governance, and analytics in a single platform

Convergence pyramid: access, governance, and analytics

Unify security and compliance with access governance, centralized policies, and transaction visibility. Simplify resource access through Slack-based workflows.

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Comprehensive resource coverage

Cover authorized identity-first access to all your resources, including cloud-managed, self-managed, 3rd party, and private resources.

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Least Privilege Access

Adopt short-term access to resources. Reduce security breaches. Request access through Slack or MS Teams for apps, data, and infrastructure resources.

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Rich analytics and operational visibility

Review access for users and workloads to drive compliance requirements.

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Built for knowledge workers

Integrate your tech stack and streamline access to resources with decentralized and automated workflows.

Easy to get started

Request a demo and learn how we can help you with secure, identity-first access for users, workloads, and resources.