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Least Privilege Access

Prevent breaches with zero standing privileges

Discover and protect your resources with least privilege access to ensure the right teams have access at the right time. Shrink your attack surface by reducing over-permissive and long-standing standing credentials.

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Unified Cloud-Based Solution

Experience a unified cloud-based solution

Gain comprehensive visibility and insights into permissions, access patterns, and risks. Powerful visualization tools and search capabilities expedite identification and remediation.

Comprehensive visibility of all access

Comprehensive visibility of all access

Say goodbye to siloed tools. Ubyon integrates access to your infrastructure resources, private apps, and public apps. Enjoy seamless governance across all environments.

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Cover Cloud and on-premises

Access everything, everywhere. Ubyon covers on-premises and cloud resources. Enjoy consistent governance across all systems. It's a one-stop solution for comprehensive access management.

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Adopt Just-in-Time Access

Adopt just-in-time access for all your sensitive resources and apps. Request and approve from anywhere with Slack, Teams or the web.

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Effortless Integration

Work smarter, not harder. Ubyon’s extensible integration framework spans across Cloud, PaaS, SaaS, ITSM, and collaboration services. Streamline your operations with seamless integration.

What our customers say


Ubyon enabled us to extend our operations to multiple edge locations, all while effortlessly implementing a stringent least-privilege access policy for our critical cloud and on-premises resources.

Ravi Mulam, Cofounder

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