Easy and secure SSH with Ubyon Link

Ramanan Subramanian

Challenges with SSH

Teams use SSH for automated backups, file synchronization, and remote server access and administration. Despite its usefulness, SSH has certain serious drawbacks.

  • There are cumbersome steps involved. Users first connect to bastions and jumphosts before being able to connect to machines or clusters.
  • When users leave, new credentials (passwords or keys) must be generated, while old ones must be removed.
  • Periodic credential rotation is time-consuming and often needs to be addressed. Monitoring access can be challenging.
  • Although enclosing communication in an SSH tunnel improves security, it complicates monitoring and regulation.

Ubyon offers an alternative to manually handling all of these tasks.

Go passwordless.

Implementing effective access control and monitoring strategies is critical to any infrastructure plan in today's highly dispersed environment. However, manually distributing, revoking, rotating, and auditing SSH keys takes time. Ubyon automates certificate-based SSH without the overhead required to manage the infrastructure.

  • We eliminate the need to furnish SSH keys to individual users and manage them across multiple machines.
  • We centralize credential management and access according to role, using an easy-to-use interface that simplifies onboarding and offboarding.
  • We allow for rapid, secure access to any server or machine.

Continue to use existing commands and environments.

With Ubyon's solution, developers don’t need to change their workflow:

  • They do not have to learn new commands.
  • They do not have to modify their familiar terminal environments.
  • Cloud Ops teams can quickly adopt and deploy the solution without altering their environments.

View and audit all activity.

Ubyon records every session, query, command, and permission change through a protocol-aware proxy, assigning a risk score that allows for the speedy identification of hazardous activities.

  • Administrators can access all activity logs in a centralized location, enabling them to quickly search for specific commands across servers and machines to detect any abnormal activity.
  • These logs are beneficial for auditing abnormal activity and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Additionally, admins can export logs to external systems such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for further analysis.

Activity Logs

Automate workflows and move at machine time

When machines are deployed across various environments (across Clouds and Data Centers), Ubyon allows for the automated discovery of resources and the creation of access policies for these resources in machine time. No human or ticketing system is necessary for typical and well-known access patterns. In rare instances, just-in-time access with time-bound policies can be utilized.

Ubyon streamlines SSH workflows and makes administration more straightforward. If you're looking to move away from the complexities of traditional SSH management and transition to modern approaches for authenticating, securing, and monitoring access, consider trying Ubyon. Connecting to your first database or server with Ubyon takes just five minutes.

See our video post demonstrating how to access SSH machines.