Modernize SSH multi-cloud access. (Video)

Saleh Noordeen

Ubyon streamlines SSH workflows and makes administration more straightforward. If you're looking to move away from the complexities of traditional SSH management and transition to modern approaches for authenticating, securing, and monitoring access, consider trying Ubyon. Connecting to your first database or server with Ubyon takes just five minutes.

The demonstration exhibits Ubyon's SSH access capabilities in a multi-cloud environment that is distributed and diverse, encompassing AWS, Azure, and GCP.

  • Ubyon can automatically discover compute instances in these environments and configure access and authorization policies.
  • End-users can conveniently view and locate their machines through a unified and dynamically rendered "launchpad" portal and use “ssh” commands in their existing terminal environments to connect to their machines.
  • Admins can configure fine-grained dynamic authorization policies
  • Multi-factor authentication before users are granted access
  • Auditing is provided, which includes monitoring of servers and connections, as well as a comprehensive audit log for security and compliance.