Infrastructure connectivity that is simple, secure, that developers love, and that security teams rapidly adopt.

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Traditional bastion servers and jump hosts require adaptation for distributed environments. These solutions lack identity and service awareness and lack robust visibility and zero-trust controls.


Ubyon offers zero-trust infrastructure access that is cloud-ready, highly automated and ensures security best practices while enhancing developer experience. It consolidates connectivity, authentication, authorization, and auditability.

Ubyon is built for everyone in your organization:


Secure your infrastructure with ease and provide a experience that your developers love.

  • Certificate-based: Move away from passwords and managing keys. Automate certificate management with secure cloud KMS integration.
  • Automatic service creation: Ubyon Cloud Console discovers and configures workloads automatically.
  • Dynamic authorization: Automate zero-trust policies without manual intervention, and authenticate and authorize all requests.


Ensure that security best practices are followed and continuously maintain compliance.

  • Audit all transactions: Record and audit every activity and transaction.
  • Zero-trust policies: Operationalize zero-trust practices with automated dynamic authorization policies.
  • Safely provide access to external users: Enable access to 3rd party users, contractors, or outsourced functions.


Everyone will love it as they don’t need to learn new commands or applications.

  • Use existing SSH commands: Developers continue to use their existing workflow and terminal programs.
  • Identity-based access: Users perform SSO/MFA with their enterprise identity provider.
  • Personalized Launchpad: Users view their authorized private apps in a browser.

Easy to get started

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