Ubyon Launchpad unifies access to private resources. (Video)

Saleh Noordeen

Ubyon Launchpad transforms the way users connect to their private resources. With Ubyon TrustMesh, resources can be protected without users needing to connect to a private network or use a cumbersome VPN client. Instead, they can access on-premise or cloud resources as if using SaaS tools. TrustMesh monitors and records requests to these resources at the deep application protocol level, providing administrators with enhanced visibility and security compared to traditional VPN solutions.

Ubyon presents an opportunity to implement an identity-first architecture that automatically identifies your infrastructure resources (machines, servers, clusters, private apps, and backend services) and dynamically displays them on a unified portal, allowing your users to locate and access authorized resources with ease from a single location. This approach results in greater flexibility and efficiency in managing resources across various application environments.