Unify Kubernetes access with Ubyon. (Video)

Saleh Noordeen

Managing access to multiple clusters across various application environments can be challenging. Ubyon provides an easy-to-use interface through a single dashboard that allows you to manage and control user access to your clusters, monitor user activities on each cluster, and more.

Ubyon Kubernetes access is showcased in a distributed application environment in this demonstration.

  • Ubyon discovers these clusters and automatically configures access and authorization policies.
  • End-users can conveniently view and locate their Kubernetes clusters through a unified and dynamically rendered "launchpad" portal and exercise the kubectl command from their terminal environments to connect to their clusters.
  • Admins can configure fine-grained dynamic authorization policies
  • Multi-factor authentication before users are granted access
  • Auditing is provided, which includes monitoring of servers and connections, as well as a comprehensive audit log for security and compliance.